Family Life

Faithful families often seek help with the adoption of a baby, or end of life planning, from attorneys who understand their desire to maintain consistency with Church teaching. Our attorneys can prepare documents, such as a medical directive popularly known as a "Living Will", that achieve your goals without compromising your beliefs.

As part of our legal apostolate, we also prepare simple Wills, and we provide this service pro bono for members of the clergy and consecrated religious.

Many attorneys seem to profit from the ravages that divorce inflicts on families. When the faithful need to find legal help with a problem that has been imposed upon them, they struggle to identify counsel who understands their perspective. We view divorce entirely as an operation of civil law -- and one to be avoided if reconciliation is possible. Thus, the emphasis of our Family Law practice is in facilitating adoptions, as well as protecting children as much as possible from an ongoing legal assault on the integrity of family life. All of our attorneys and staff refuse to undertake or persist in work that would undermine or contradict the right to life and the sacramental nature of marriage.

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