Media & Technology

The vast majority of our clients maintain active communications strategies, and the success of these strategies is intrinsic to their missions. Our attorneys offer assistance with regulatory compliance, the acquisition of broadcast spectrum rights, music copyright and trademark protection, legal requirements connected with Internet streaming, and all manners of negotiations and drafting of contracts for those engaged in media, technology, sports and entertainment.

Our attorneys have worked to obtain more favorable treatment of talk format religious broadcasters from Performing Rights Organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. They also can assist clients with registering at the U.S. Copyright Office and elections at SoundExchange with respect to the rights to stream content over the Internet.

In recent years the expansion of opportunities to acquire broadcast spectrum rights has enabled the faithful, lay apostolates, and Church institutions to obtain federal authority to launch broadcast facilities. Such facilities and licenses offer an exciting and highly effective means of engaging in evangelism and catechetics, a tremendous source of hope for a Culture of Life. Would-be broadcasters must obtain the required authorizations and must navigate the thickets of federal regulations in order to launch and maintain their apostolates. Our experienced attorneys have helped scores of clients obtain such authorizations, either competitively or in acquisitions, and have advised numerous broadcasters on regulatory compliance efforts or assisted in administrative litigation. Facilitating the good works of religious broadcasters is a key component of our apostolate.

Effective in 2015, we are jettisoning the billable hours model for our broadcast clients, and replacing it with a new approach. Click here to access, review and print the memorandum describing this new approach.

Click here if you would like to use a fillable form to complete the last page of the memorandum, which provides you the option of printing, signing and returning the signed page to us, or completing and signing the form by returning it electronically by clicking the "submit" option.

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