We are a full-service law firm providing effective representation and counsel, informed by the particular concerns of families and institutions that must navigate the "thickets of the law" while remaining faithful to Church teaching. We zealously represent our clients' best interests, within a framework of faithfulness, inasmuch as this approach proves responsive to the genuinely best interests of our clients.

Our primary mission is not to profit in a worldly sense but rather to sustain our ability to serve and to facilitate the good works of others. After covering the cost of maintaining our law practice, including the salaries of our attorneys and support staff, any "extra" proceeds are pledged to the nonprofit WitnessWorks Foundation for a Culture of Life. Moreover, the costs of administering the foundation are supported entirely by our legal apostolate, such that your charitable donations to the foundation are 100 percent devoted to the foundation's programs.

The attorneys who founded the firm gained their experience in Washington, DC, practicing mostly before the federal government, before discerning a call to relocate to the outskirts of the Capital Region -- to the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains -- where they opened a central office in the headquarters building of Human Life International and developed a network of like-minded contract attorneys across the country.

At a practical level, this allows us to offer services to clients with needs in additional practice areas or jurisdictions. More fundamentally, it fosters a new approach to practicing law that is rooted in prayer and immersed in a Culture of Life.

Specifically, our approach takes to heart the fundamental teaching of Humane Vitae, i.e., that all creative activity by the faithful must uphold the dignity of human life. Thus, we assist faithful families who require legal representation and provide legal counsel that facilitates the good works of those lay apostolates and Church institutions working to build a Culture of Life. All of our attorneys and staff undertake or persist only in work that is consistent with our deep and abiding concern for the right to life and the sacramental nature of marriage.

The notion of a legal apostolate is inspired by the teachings and calls to action of John Paul the Great and of his successor Pope Benedict; by the wonderful example of witness that Divine Mercy Care and the Tepeyac Family Center have achieved in the realm of medicine; and by what so many apostolates are achieving in the world of broadcast media.

Please join us in praying for unity in the Church, for a return to faithfulness and to the building of a Culture of Life, and that our pledge of fidelity to the teachings of the Magisterium will bring special graces to our efforts on behalf of our clients.